Reflective Post: My Visual Narrative

First off and foremost, I want to give a shout out to my regular readers and explain what this “Reflective Post” category is in regards to. In order to graduate with my English Writing B.A. in Spring 2012, I’m required to take three classes that were only offered online in the summer.All the classes are going well so far and I’m learning new things, but my Multimedia Composition class is proving to be the best so far.

While some of the students in the class are new to WordPress and never blogged before, I’ve been blogging for about two years now; in addition to writing for <>,which runs off a WordPress format.My blog ThinkSoul25 is the perfect place for me to learn more about blogging and actually receive a grade for it. My first post for my Multimedia Composition class is in regards to our visual narrative assignment.

The visual narrative project is a chance for me to share a beautiful part of my life and I wanted to pick a story that meant something to me. I’m going to tell the story of my move across country in January; the story of how I left Colorado again and finally moved back to my hometown of the DMV (DC.MD.VA.) It was an amazing road trip across country and it was a fun experience spending five days in a Uhaul truck with my mom.

I’m still trying to decide how I’m going to share my visual narrative, but I’m beginning to think that an essay and photos might be more effective than a video or another media format. There are a lot of funny stories and incidents that happened on this trip, but it was also a journey of self discovery. I had a lot of deep conversations with my mom on this trip and realized that she is truly my best friend. The photos from the trip and text are the format I will use to tell this engaging story.

This visual narrative is a chance for me to talk about my experiences on the road and how I learned more about myself and my mom; we have more in common than just looking alike and sounding the same. I’m excited about working on this project and I hope it will be a beautiful narrative that speaks to others as well.


Β©Jasmine McGee