Sebastian “Embody” & Justice “Civilization” (New Video!)

Okay, I’m a huge Justice fan and I have been jamming to “Civilization” for the past month. Justice is excellent in everything they touch, especially their song “Genesis”. I listen to that song everyday and it has become my favorite song. They are apart of Ed Banger Record Label, which is home to Sebastian and Dj Medhi (another favorite). If you haven’t checked out Ed Banger Records, then you are so missing out on some of the best electronic dance music.

I’m so happy that “Civilization” has a video finally and I’m loving it! Justice is one of the best groups out there and I can listen to “Genesis” all day! Last week I was dancing in my room for an hour shaking my hair and going crazy to “Genesis”. That song is one of the hardest songs ever and anyone who dislikes it on YouTube should be ashamed of themselves! Haha, just kidding. It’s not that serious, but for real…Justice’s “Genesis” is an epic track .

I love music so much and I’m a huge Dance/Electronica fan and House head. “Civilization” is a track I’m going to be listening to for quite some time, but it still can’t beat the epic atmosphere of “Genesis”.

Justice- “Civilization”

Sebastian- “Embody”