Freaks and Geeks

I’m a huge fan of Childish Gambino aka Donald Glover, you know the geeky black guy who used to write for 30 Rock and is an actor on Community. I love his personality and his swag is geeky fresh. I heard the remix of his track “Freaks and Geeks” a few days ago on DC Mumbo Sauce and I had to go check out the official video by Childish Gambino. The remix was nice with it, but the Childish Gambino track is hilarious and dope. He really has some skills on the mic and I love how he makes fun of the typical rappers by trying to be so swagged out and hardcore, while coming up with silly rhymes that still go hard.

I been listening to a lot of hip-hop lately even though a few months ago I declared a sabbatical from hip-hop. I can’t help it! I write for and I just started writing for another hip-hop magazine. For some reason I’m good at what I do when it comes to writing about the art of lyricism infused with catchy beats. I doubt writing about hip-hop will ever become a full time job once I graduate, it doesn’t pay the bills but it’s valuable experience and more accolades to stack on my resume. Once I’m out of school in Spring I plan on getting a job in the DMV writing for the government or a non-profit organization, some sort of job I can do that pays excellent and allows me to still enjoy my weekends and blogging.

Writing about music is something I love with a passion and I don’t plan on ever quitting. There are so many good artists out there that bring something fresh to the table, which is why I’m digging Childish Gambino. His music is legit! Check out the track for “Freaks and Geeks” and enjoy the dope visuals from Mr. Donald Glover, simply a black geek with swag who loves to hang out with his N-words. Haha I love it when he says that on the track, like seriously who says I’m hanging out with my N-words? LOL….too funny!

Dead Island Finally Shows Us Some Gameplay!

The first trailer for Dead Island, hands down the best trailer of 2011.

A few weeks ago I wrote a blog post about a new zombie game coming out called Dead Island. The trailer above was the first introduction to the game and it made gamers anxious for information. We began asking questions concerning it’s release date, platforms, and what actual gameplay looked like. We weren’t give much information, especially considering that the game has been in works for 5 years and finally has a publisher.

With E3 right around the corner and so many great new games coming out, Techland has released a new gameplay video for those gamers anxious to get their hands on this zombie frenzy. This game goes beyond Left 4 Dead, a game where you can spend hours slashing away at zombies with your friends. Dead Island is about truly surviving, gaining skills, and even playing co-op with your friend through the actual story mode. The game looks promising and the graphics are pretty good for a zombie game on a tropical island.

Check out the game play footage below and stayed tuned for more concerning this game. I’m looking forward to playing it and seeing what else they will showcase at E3. So many good games coming out this year and so many good movies coming out this summer, I can’t wait!! For now I’ll just have to deal with the Youtube teasers and trailers, it’s better than nothing!

I’m a Lil’ Rusty on My French, But Great Song!

While I was working out the other day, I heard this song on the Music Choice Dance/Electronica channel. I was working up a major sweat and had my eyes close while knocking out the last 5 minutes of my time on the bike. I was so exhausted, but this song came on and it caught my attention.

I finished my work out and got off the bike, then danced around my room like a happy little girl (I do that a lot, just dancing around my room and singing…it’s fun!).The song is sung entirely in French and it has been awhile since I took French for two years in high school. The song is called “Que Veux Tu” and it’s by French band Yelle, which is the name of the sassy lead female singer. Que veux tu translates into “what do you want” and the song is pretty much talking about admitting your in love, but the guy at first is too blind to see it. Read the translated lyrics at this link  and check out the video!

I love listening to music that’s in a different language. I remember hearing O-Zone “Dragostea Din Tei” when I was in high school and this Greek kid introduced me to their music. Then T.I. sampled it for “Live Your Life”, but I had already heard the song when I was younger. Even if you don’t know the lyrics or understand it, you can still enjoy the music.

This isn’t French, but it’s another one of my favorite songs in Hindi language. The beat is dope and I watched the movie on Netflix Rab Ne Banadi Jodi. The song is called  “Haule Haule”.

SNL Digital Short: “3-Way” ft. Justin Timberlake and Lady Gaga

SNL’s season finale was quite hilarious last night, especially since Justin Timberlake hosted. In my mind he was always an unspoken cast member, I mean he has been on SNL a lot! Justin is a very funny guy and last night’s digital short “Three Way” featuring Andy Samberg and Lady Gaga was hilarious!

The matching multi-colored jumpsuits, the hairstyles, sunglasses, and the mustaches were such a 90s throwback. In my opinion it was almost as funny, maybe funnier, then the duos original skit “Dick in a Box”.  I love how Justin Timberlake was singing and Andy Samberg had this deep 90s r&b voice…classic! I’m not even a Lady Gaga fan but she was a great addition to the video, with her weirdness and all.

Check out the video and see for yourself.

Really?: Mexicans and Watermelons

Every now and then I’ll find myself tuning into MTV Jams and laughing at the same old videos being shown. Not so attractive guys rapping, video chicks dancing and all over them, and a beat that sounds like most mainstream stuff, except maybe more bass or the inclusion of some bells.

While most of the music sounds the same and the videos are usually cliche, I saw this interesting video the other day. Instead of a bunch of girls shaking their butts and some average guy rapping, it was a video with Mexicans carrying watermelons and the bouncing words at the bottom of the screen. When I was little I used to love seeing the words at the bottom of the screen and some bouncing logo edging you to sing along with each word it hits. But the video the other day wasn’t for kids and the lyrics were definitely not talking about eating healthy.

The video was for the song “Watermelon” by D. Willz and the song is basically a sexual innuendo for getting straight down to business. I literally stopped in front of my television and just began cracking up. I know Oakland based rapper D.Willz is known for his humorous approach to music, but this song was so stupid and the video made appear even more ridiculous. Most of his music has a catchy beat, but the lyrics are so dumb. Like his one song “Licka Sto” talks about buying shoes from the Liquor Store, I’m going to leave that one alone….

I’m not going to lie, the beat was catchy and if I was in a club I’d probably be grinding my brains out, but the juxtapose of Mexicans carrying watermelons was interesting.While D.Willz is rapping, the Mexican workers are walking to the beat and moving their mouth, as if they are rapping. That concept was funny, just the way the guys are walking to the beat and then one of them breaks out into this little jig.

But still, the song is so dumb, but it has 659 likes on YouTube and over 103, 671 views, so I guess there are some people out there who like it. In staying true to the D.Willz tradition of humor and parody rap songs, I will admit it is slightly funny. But as far as the Mexicans carrying the Watermelons and dancing…really? Like is that the new sexual innuendeo now, getting it juicy like a watermelon? SMH….wow.

Chillwave:Toro Y Moi “Talamak”

So the other day I was reading Essence or Ebony, one of the two magazines, they both start with E and feature black women, so you can see how easy it is to confuse the two. Anyways, both had this section on hot music in 2011 and I read a small section featuring this interesting looking man named Toro Y Moi. He’s interesting looking, not really sexy in my eyes or cute, but to some he may be.

His real name is Chazwick Bundick and he is Filipino and African-American. His music is part of the chillwave movement, a genre that is reminiscent of new wave, pop, and psychedelic music. His first album Causers of This came out in January 2010 and his second album Underneath the Pine came out in February of this year. The music is mainly chillwave with an infusion of electronic synths and loops that can be widely associated with the new wave genre.

His music is pretty soothing, even though most of the words can get lost in between the synths, but it’s great music to listen to on a relaxing day. I’ve checked out his songs, but so far I really like “Talamak”.  Check out his song and judge it for yourself. It’s pretty cool finding new artists and discovering different genres. Toro Y Moi seems like a cool person (possibly a hipster) and his music is good in a strange way. See for yourself

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