Tropical Zombies, What More Could You Ask For?

So there has been buzz about this game “Dead Island” since 2007, but in the past year it has finally been picked up by a publisher. Publisher Deep Silver and developer Techland are currently working on this zombie first person slasher/RPG game expected to be released sometime in August 2011 on Ps3, 360, and PC.

The game focuses on an outbreak at the Royal Palms Resort on a fictional island named Banoi in Papa New Guinea. You play as one of the guest vacationing at the resort and are unprepared for a mysterious zombie outbreak on the island. You don’t have zombie fighting skills or a zombie guide, but as you encounter more zombies you become more experienced. The cool thing about Dead Island, is the lack of weapon’s you’d find in most action games. High tech weapons and machine guns, are replaced with conventional items that you’d rely on in real life. Crobars, glass bottles, a few pistols, knives, broomsticks, axes, and other melee weapons are scattered around the island waiting to be discovered.

If you don’t feel like going on a scavenger hunt alone, then have one of your friends pick up a controller. Dead Island does come with a 4 player co-op, that seamlessly allows characters to join in the story and leave when they please. As you progress throughout the story and attempt to escape the island with the few other tourists who remained immune to the outbreak, you will also discover the mysterious cause behind the zombie madness. The developers have been keeping a lot of information on the hush, but they did admit there will be a skill level tree, in which characters can gain more abilities along the way and gain access to special options.

While information concerning this open-world zombie horror game has been kept on the down low, TechLand and Deep Silver had released a trailer that has been creating buzz for months. No one is quite sure if the game will live up to the standards of the trailer, especially considering the lack of an official gameplay trailer, but Dead Island’s official trailer can easily be the best visually stunning trailer of 2011. The trailer is a visually compelling story that is played backwards. All the events are played in rewind, with a beautiful classical music component.If the gameplay isn’t as visually stunning, at least the trailer looks good!

Nobody knows for sure what the gameplay looks like yet, but some screenshots have been promising. The screenshots show some gruesome zombies surrounding Xian Mei, an attractive employee at the Royal Palms Resort. Xian and rapper Sam B, who is on vacation at the resort, are the only two characters released so far that have a face to match the name. The other characters Logan and Purna have yet to be revealed, but I’m sure in the few months we will see more from Dead Island.

Dead Island sounds like a promising zombie game that goes beyond the hack and slash of Left 4 Dead and incorporates an open world platform, first person slashing, scavenger hunting, and other elements of RPGs. If you haven’t seen the trailer for Dead Island, then be sure to watch it again…and then watch it again. It’s that good.

©Jasmine McGee