The Death of Myspace

 It seems like social networking sites are popping up constantly, especially the Facebook, Twitter, and Myspace craze. Current TV is a channel available on Comcast, Direct Tv, and other television providers. I found out about it a year ago and fell in love with it! The programming consists of viewer submitted documentaries, new stories, and hilarious satirical cartoons like Super News! I recently ran across a segment SuperNews! did called “The Death of Myspace”. The ironic part is, a day before I saw the episode I actually deleted my Myspace account which i had has since 2005 freshmen year of high school (wow). Only reason I got it in the first place was to stay in touch and make friends with people at a new high school I had begun to attend. Since then Myspace has just become a waste of time and annoying. I would constantly get messages from guys that obviously didn’t have much of a life and wanted a booty call. Lol kind of like in the movie “He’s Just Not That Into You”, when Drew Barrymore’s gay friend says “Girl, Myspace is the new booty call!” It’s so true! Check out this video from SuperNews! it’s pretty funny and has a valid point.

 Social networking sites have taken away the personal lines of communication, and it seems like friendship has become more digital. I still have a Facebook, but don’t use it much unless I’m re connecting with old associates from school. I watched a really good “True Life” a few days ago on MTV and it was about Digital Drama. Pretty much it was showing how peopole get so caught up into Facebook and texting, that it can vehemently cause friction in relationships. Don’t get me wrong, I like FB and the availabity to stay in touch with people, but I prefer phone calls, hanging out, and even texting( which can be mundane at times) over social networking sites. I have yet to find any useful purpose in Twitter. I mean what’s the point of constantly broadcasting what your doing and how you feel to random strangers? I’m not the only one that feels this way either, trust me google it for yourself. ?Better yet, here is SuperNews! video about Twitter.

I just think people need to wake up and smell the coffee, go out into the real world and try networking and making new friends. Especially with relationships, trying to meet guys and girls on Myspace isn’t as effective as meeting someone in reality, day to day life situations.

 Deleting my Myspace was the best thing I’ve done on the internet in a long time, it was just a stupid faze that should have died once I graduated high school. People actually get addicted to FB and Myspace, and have to actually seek help. I also saw a True Life special on that and video game addictions…it’s so sad! If it gets to the point where you can’t even do your homework or pay attention to your loved ones, then yea maybe you should abandon social networking sites. Don’t let it become your life, it should just be something fun you do (even though I’d rather be outdoors with friends). If you happen to be a person like me ( who had over 4 thousand myspace friends) sit down and ask yourself are these people even friends? I probably only talked to 10 people consistently that I actually considered pen pals. Real friendship is hard to find, but it’s worth waiting for it and also putting yourself out there to make life long connections. Don’t base your self worth, beauty, or status off of the number of Myspace/FB friends and picture comments. Get over it. Oh, and Myspace and FB are both owned by the same company so don’t think your better just because you never had a Myspace yet you check your Facebook 20 times a day. Social networking sites have their pros and cons, it’s great for some people who are networking their business and for other it’s just like why bother? I use my Facebook for my writing mainly and occassionally hitting up friends/family, but it’s not the first thing on my list to do in the morning. So for now, take care and feel free to check out my FB lol it’s not going to go away so why fight it? Might as well pimp the system and use it to promote my writing. Peace and blessings. Jaz!

Get in “Shape”

I always thought I knew exactly the right steps to losing weight. My ideology was don’t eat too much, do some cardio, and situps are key to a flat tummy. That know it all mindset was just ignorance because I wasn’t willing to try anything new and have someone tell me I’m wrong.  For those of you have read my article “Mom, Am I Beautiful” you learned about the struggles I have faced with my weight due to PCOS. I’ve never felt like I was “fat” or “unattractive”, actually it has been quite the opposite. If you can’t encourage and have confidence in yourself, then who else? You have to love yourself and feel beautiful no matter how tall, short, big, or small you are.

There is nothing wrong with being a certain sized, don’t be ashamed to admit you’re a size 14. Every one has different body types and can’t achieve a certain size. For instance, I’m 5′ 11” ( okay maybe actually 6 ft…) tall and I have an hourglass figure (small waist and nicely shaped butt/hips), I can’t be striving to be a thin size 2 when in my genetic make up I have an hourglass/figure 8 body.

I have always had a passion for fitness and love the adrenaline rush that comes from cardio. When I was younger from elementary school up to high school, I was involved with volleyball at the YMCA and played during middle school. I love being active and sweating! Lol. In the past 2 months I decided to take my health serious, and began working out every day doing about an 45-60mins of cardio. Sometimes in life you need to have a goal that you want to achieve for yourself and not anybody else. I want to feel sexy and have a tight body in a bikini this summer, not for anyone else but me.

I used to always avoid buying Women’s fitness magazines and opted for a magazine about music or celebrity gossip. I decided to change up the game and buy fitness magazines every month. I thought I knew it all…but I don’t! Reading “Shape” magazine and “Women’s Health” has encouraged me to try new workout routines. If your feeling in a rut with your workout or want to complete your New Year’s Resolution, then it’s definetly worth checking out fitness magazines. It’s not just a bunch of in shape people bragging about how sexy they are, but it’s filled with tons of information and encouraging real life stories.  They also have editorials and sections filled with cute clothing ideas and workout outfits that are to die for! Just because your working up a sweat doesn’t mean you can’t look attractive and feel beautiful! Trade your dingy sweat pants and over sized t-shirts for form fitting tanks and spandex pants that will knock any man off his feet. 

Check out some of the benefits of excerising below and get your body feeling energized!

Health Benefits of Exercise:

  1. 1.) Lowers blood pressure, triglycerides and total cholesterol. Exercise also increases HDL (“good” cholesterol), while decreasing LDL (“bad” cholesterol), and keeps your blood flowing smoothly by lowering the buildup of plaque in your arteries.

2.)Decreases your risk of both heart disease and stroke – the #1 and #3 killers. This includes lowering your chances of developing coronary heart disease (CHD), having a heart attack, stoke, second heart attack or dying from CHD or stroke.

3.)Helps you achieve and maintain a healthy weight. You not only burn calories during exercise, but it can speed up your metabolism for as long as 12 hours or more. Regular exercise helps you lose weight more easily and keep it off permanently.

4.)Lowers your risk of developing type 2 diabetes. Exercise reduces your chance of getting diabetes, the severity of the disease and long-term risk of complications by improving blood sugar metabolism, insulin sensitivity and body weight.

5.)Decreases stress and increase happiness. Physical activity boosts the release of endorphins – the “happy hormones” that help you to feel good. In the process it lessens depression, anxiety, sleep problems and feelings of being “stressed out.”

6.)Reduces your risk of developing certain types of cancer. Regular exercise has been shown to help protect against the development of colon cancer, by 30–50%, and other cancers, such as breast, prostate, uterus and lung cancer.

7.)Helps build and maintain healthy bones, muscles, and joints. Strength training and other forms of exercise improve your bone density and endurance. This helps slow down the aging process and lowers your chance of developing osteoporosis.

8.)Increases utilization of nutrition. While stress interferes with digestion, physical activity improves digestion and the absorption of nutrients from food. It also promotes healthy elimination of toxins through sweat glands and prevention of constipation.

9.)Strengthens organs, especially lungs and heart. When your heart and lungs work more efficiently, you breathe easier and have more energy to do the things you enjoy.

10.)Can be fun and entertaining. Exercise doesn’t have to be drudgery. Choose activities that you enjoy or can learn to like. Just get physical – if you’re moving, it counts.

Flexible Guidelines and Not a Concrete List

Proverbs 18:22 says that ” He who finds a wife finds what is good and receives favor from the Lord.” The scripture always keeps me hopeful on the adventures of love. I’m a Christian and I strongly believe in the Bible and the teachings within it. This principle can be applied to anyone, even if you don’t practice Christianity. A man knows when he finds the women he wants to be with, and it isn’t up to women to go crazy searching for Mr. Right. With that being said, I’m not suggesting as women we should sit complacently in the house hoping Mr. Right will knock on the door. Sounds like a Lifetime movie to me, except Mr. Right is the new neighbor from out-of-town who stalks you and you end up having a knife fight the last five minutes of the movie. Haha, I’m definitely not talking about that guy. You want to make sure you appear available (not slutty or desperate) but willing to mingle and you have to place yourself in environments around people( school, work, hobbies, gym,etc. )

 So once you put yourself out there and are hopeful that Mr. Right will find you, you also have to know what your definition of Mr. Right is for you( not what your girl friends think or your mother). Guidelines should be realistically flexible and not a concrete list that one man couldn’t fathom living up to. Tall, dark, and handsome may not be in one package. He may be handsome on the short side. That’s just hypothetical, for some people (like myself) height is a definite that a man must possess. In my defense, I am 5′ 11” and with heels 6’1” or 6’3”, so I don’t feel comfortable with a man shorter than myself. I like the height to balance itself out and I’m mainly attracted too and get hit on by men who are taller then me. I have dated a few shorter men, but they constantly complained about my  height and wished I was shorter. Waste of time to be with someone who can’t appreciate my height, so I just stick to the tall men who I encounter.

Physical looks such as facial features aren’t on my list of guidelines, because that would be picky and weird if I had a detailed list of what I want Mr. Right’s face to look like from the eyes to the lips. I’m not a plastic surgeon! Chemistry isn’t predetermined it is a magical spark that is either present or lacking. You never know who is going to cross your path, so don’t discount him because he has glasses or his lips are too small (even though I do like nice full lips like them C Breezy lips lol)…I’m just saying don’t try to formulate an image of what he will look like.

Life is random and dating is the most random circumstance. However, having some guidelines does help weed out the men that have the possibility of being right and the men who just don’t measure up. So what attributes make up your idea of Mr. Right? Or for those men out there possibility reading… your Mrs. Right. I know that my basic guidelines have helped me avoid unneccessary drama and headache, and continue on the path to knowing when Mr. Right has found me. As long as you have an idea of what your Mr. Right may possibility be like, then you’re a step closer to being found and satisfied with the finder.

Beware of the Spring Monsters

Birds, flowers, butterflies, allergies, bee stings, and the smell of love is in the air. In many places across the country Spring has arrived or is on the 1st class flight due to arrive any moment. Spring is the beginning of new things, new flowers blossoming, new jobs, new classes, and the time for the ultimate symbol of commitment…marriage. Spring weddings are vibrant in color and often exquisite in floral decoration. Unlike a summer wedding, a Spring wedding depending on the location can take place outside due to warm weather but not blazing hot and humid like the summer.

 Wedding season has made me think of the good and the not so good part of weddings. I am a huge fan of wedding shows like “Platinum Weddings” and “My Fair Wedding with David Tutera”, but shows like “Bridezillas” make me think of the egocentric attitude that can overpower a bride. The ideology of “my special day” has turned into a disaster that trascends the marriage itself and becomes more about the wedding in general. Weddings are beautiful and I think if a couple wants to have a public wedding then great! But when a bride starts becoming manipulative and selfish, turning the wedding day into a spectacle about me-me-me, then it starts to become a little riducolous. Have you ever seen some of the women on Bridezillas? Some of them start of somewhat decent but slowly turn into a power hungry monster willing to devour anyone in their path. Is it about the wedding or spending forever with the love of your life? Weddings sometimes can end up being like a show and not a ceremony that focuses on the joining of two soul mates legally. I used to watch Bridezillas every Sunday, but then I stopped due to the fact it begin to feel like a joke. I sort of can see why many men rather just live with a woman than get married.

 As women, I feel that we sometimes put to much pressure on social status and use weddings as a day to be the ultimate diva princess. I have yet to find the “one” but I stay positive and know that when that time in my life for marriage comes I would rather have the man then the accoldates of having a huge extragevent wedding. The attitude becomes so disgusting, I don’t even see why some of the men bother marrying these women after the rigorous months of attitude and selfishness. It’s as if these women use the wedding as an excuse to be a total bitch to everyone in their social circle. A wedding isn’t an excuse to belittle those around you, especially the man you love and seek to spend your life with. If i was in a man’s shoes and had to deal with a diva bride to be, I would seriously reconsider the marriage. Just because a woman man act like their before the wedding, what makes you think they will change? The tendency to be selfish was just waiting for the right moment to come out and will show up later on in the marriage. I wonder how many of these women that are bridezillas actually stay married for a long amount of time?

When you find the person you want to spend your life with, it shouldn’t be all about the wedding day but about the possibilities to come after getting married. Good men are hard to find, so when you find one why risk the chance of pushing him away with a nasty wedding attitude? Love should be unconditional and shouldn’t change just because the wedding is more important then the marriage itself. My parents have been married for 20 years, and they didn’t even have a wedding! My parents met and knew they were going to be together. They dated for awhile, then broke up. A while later their paths crossed at the library and they got back together. Within 6 months my dad proposed, and they knew they wanted to be together so they went to the court house and got married. Their marriage is solid and I look up to them as role models of the kind of marriage I seek to have. Being a bridezilla is just a selfish waste of time and you end up pushing those who care about you away. Nothing wrong with having a wedding, I would like to have a small one myself…but don’t put to much pressure and thought into it. Make sure you realize how blessed you are and don’t push the love of your life away just because you want vanilla cake and he wants chocolate.

My Fake Baby….come on,really?!

So for those of you who may not watch BBC, in 2008 they produced a documentary “My Fake Baby”. The documentary pretty much follows around women, let me mind you “adults” who collect life like babies and treat them as if they are real life children. Excuse me?! Lol that’s what i first thought then i saw the show. I heard about the craze in 2008 but never checked out the documentary until now. In my opinion it is sort of creepy the way the woman interact with the fake babies, caressing them like you can actually create an emotional bond, and even strapping them in car seats…wow! I don’t have any children of my own yet, but I don’t think an inanimate object can replace having a baby.

 The documentary refers to the women as “expectant mothers” when they are in the process of getting their fake baby. Seriously, that just takes it to a whole new level of weird. These women don’t have to carry a child for 9months and deal with back pains, swollen feet, and not being able to look like a model in a bikini. It’s not the same thing! It’s quite sad though, some of these women are unable to have children and they resort to a fake baby that looks real. But it isn’t like there are no solutions, if they love children so much why not benefit someone else’s life and adopt? Save a child! Foster care, open up a daycare, even get an animal… just something else aside from holding a baby and buying designer clothes for a doll. I’m just saying! I have a feeling the issue is deeper, maybe something psychological that needs to be studied. Human affection can’t be replaced with toy. Even if you try to replace it with money, fake dolls, etc that doesn’t fulfil the basic needs of emotional bonds.

 Ya know, it kind of reminds me of this segment on Taboo I saw about men who have relationships with life size dolls. They actually watch tv together, sex, eat dinner, and have conversations (of course only the guy is talking to himself and making up responses…eww). I just had to voice my opinion on that, it’s a pretty interesting situation. It’s a sad day when human emotion and relation is replaced by inanimate objects. I know the world is a cruel place, but their is still hope for love out there.

In House We Trust

“True house music consists of four main ingredients: a cup of spirituality, a tablespoon of love, a dash of togetherness and a pinch of soul penetrative beats. House music has the power to heal, to soothe, to comfort. It’s a music of love, a music from up above. True house music is an instrument of God and if this instrument is used wisely, it can change your soul. This is true house music.” Carl Cox

Recently I was lying on the bed listening to my ipod like I occasionally do. I was listening to the usual house music, when a song titled “7th Sense” by a dj known as “Dj Pisces” began to ring in my ears. Subconsciously I was jamming to the instrumentals waiting for the vocals to chime in.The voice I heard was of deep sound, and had a lot of energy fueling it. The song started mentioning various locations. New York, Chicago, Detroit, and Paris were the main capitals mentioned for the deep house sound. I came to a sudden realization that the genre of house has spread itself out amongst the world and has been saturated in specific locations. According to extensive research, house music was born in Chicago in the early 1980’s. House is actually considered a descendant of the disco era, so it gets a lot of its basic rhythmic patterns from disco music.
I remember asking my mom what I felt like to be in the disco era. She would tell me stories of 8 inch Afros and platform heels dancing the night away. With a great influence from London, the disco scene traveled to Chicago and a dj named Frankie Knuckles began to create his own genre. I’ve always associated the major house scenes with Chicago and a majority of the United Kingdom.
House music makes me feel alive, like I could just dance all night. Three major record labels dedicated to house are located in London. “Defected In The House”, “Hed Kandi”, and “Ministry of Sound” are labels that have pumping out good music for numerous years. My personal favorite amongst the various labels would have to be “Defected in the House”. Each label is uniquely known for the kind of house music is associates itself with.

If you’re like me, and looking for that soulful, jazzy, deep house music, check out “Defected In the House”. On the opposite end if you want club pumping dance/electronic tracks, definitely check out MOS, also known as “Ministry of Sound”. Some people are always going to be disco lovers, but want a modern revival of that classic disco sound. If that sounds like you, then you may want to check out “Hed Kandi”. This label is known for its funky remixes of a variety of songs from many genres, and it composes them with disco beats in a funky yet classy way.

As far as artists, there are a good number of composers out there that provide house music in specific areas. Miguel Migs is an artist known for deep soulful house tracks, along with Masters at Work and Andy Caldwell. If you’re looking for some good tribal house, check out Danny Tenaglia and Steve Lawler. Maybe tribal isn’t your scene, but progressive house with a hard edge fulfills your needs. Maybe that is the case, and then I would highly recommend Armand Van Helden, Dj Irene, and Bad Boy Bill.

House is one of them genres, which you have to discover and explore for yourself. Don’t just take it for face value, but begin to understand it intellectually and rhythmically. The variety of compositions of beats can have a powerful impact on your mind state. When I listen to soulful house music with tons of pianos and drums, I feel uplifted. It’s a spiritual experience, as if I’m in church praising the Lord. Only people with a deeper appreciation for life and music would truly fall in love with glorious sounds of house. People sometimes tell me to take a chance on life, and I say…. take a chance on house.

Awesome African House Track, house is an international thing.