Dubstep | Adventure Club – ‘Superheroes Anonymous 6: Road To Red Rock’ (Mixtape)

In the mood to take an hour detour from your journey of house? Then sounds like you need some dubstep in your life.

In their latest mix, “Superheroes Anonymous 6: Road To Red Rock,” the boys of Adventure Club go hard and deliver 50 minutes of #bassinyourface electro grinds. So if you’re morning coffee  normally isn’t strong enough, grab this free download and wake the f$#@ up. :)

Superheroes Anonymous 6: Road To Red Rock

P.S. the best drop is at 5:36. 

Fresh Vibes | Jax Jones – ‘Yeah Yeah Yeah’

If you need the perfect track to kick off your weekend, then look no further than Jax Jones’ fresh single, “Yeah Yeah Yeah.”

Full of soulful vibes, disco strings, and an upbeat house rhythm, this is a refreshing track that is perfect for powering up a Friday night. Why? Because this track is happiness, and who doesn’t love being happy?

Give it a spin:

Yeah Yeah Yeah

Certified Awesome | The Prodigy ‘Wild Frontier’ (Shadow Child VIP)

Hints of tribalism and dirty beats, Shadow Child has put a dark and bass driven spin on The Prodigy’s single, “Wild Frontier.”

I don’t even need to say more, just give it a listen:

Shadow Child Remix


Deep n’ Dirty | Latroit x Bishøp – ‘Loving Every Minute’

In case you missed it, The Magician has dropped a wicked new magic tape full of absolute bangers. And one of the standout tracks (in my opinion) is certainly this deep & dirty house cut, “Loving Every Minute.”

What appears to be a solid collaboration between producers Latroit and Portland-based songwriter, Bishøp, this track is perfection at every moment.

Don’t believe me? Then experience it for yourself, as well as the Ghastly remix.

Loving Every Minute

Ghastly Remix

[Photo via YouTube]

Pure Magic | The Magician – Magic Tape 51

Hey house music lovers, geeks, travelers, and awesome people, how’s it going?! Sorry I haven’t been blogging much, I’ve been crazy busy at work (Travel Channel).

My job as a designer/video editor can be pretty hectic and a lot of fun, but I’m still always going to love blogging about house music and my adventures (including my upcoming Caribbean vacation.) But before we get to all that fun stuff,  I’ve got so much good music I’ve been dying to share with you.

Let’s kick the night off with some wicked grooves from The Magician. 

Full of absolute bangers, The Magician’s “Magic Tape 51″ is a wicked ride into the sounds of house and dance music. So let’s not delay this ride any further, and jump right in:

Magic Tape 51



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