Piano House | Zimmer x Pallace – ‘Saturday Love’

I haven’t heard many producers cover the Alexander O’Neal classic, “Saturday Love,” but Zimmer has brought the lyrics to life with his piano house version.

In full swing with pianos and bouncy synths, Zimmer and Pallace’s new track is certainly a dancefloor killer. I don’t have much to say, because the track speaks for itself!

So give it a spin:

Saturday Love

Pure Bliss | Monkey Safari – ‘Cranes’ (VIDEO)

Ride into the night with this blissful eargasm from Monkey Safari. 

Composed of hand-drawn frames, this music video for “Cranes” is an abstract journey.

Give it a spin:


Indie Pop | Citizens! – ‘Waiting For Your Lover’

If you’re in need of a late-night pick me up, then get your smiles on with Citizens! slice of pop, “Waiting For Your Lover.”

Bass In Your Face | The Armory Podcast – 082 – Sychosis

In the latest episode of The Armory Podcast, bass & breaks aficionado, Sychosis, delivers a wicked edition of massive #bassinyourface.

With major support from the legendary Stanton Warriors, this Oakland dj is bringing some major heat with an impressive selection of breakbeat edits.

Need I say more? Go ahead and get some #bassinyourface

Garage House | Billon x Todd Edwards – ‘Don’t Be Givin’ Up’

Leaning towards the garage side of house, London producer Billon’s new single “Don’t be Givin’ Up” is a tight delight.

Featuring the legendary Todd Edwards, this new groove is a melodic escape from whatever is clouding your thoughts.

So, just go ahead and give it a spin:

Don’t Be Givin’ Up

Certified Awesome | Waze & Odyssey – ‘Feel On Fire’

Waze & Odyssey are bringing some major heat with their new track, “Feel On Fire.”

Strictly house, this banging track has that iconic bass and garage house sound that the UK production duo are known for.

I don’t really have much to say about this track except the fact it’s an awesome dancefloor killer. And that says a lot!

Feel On Fire


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