Nu Disco | Medsound – ‘Strangers (Original mix)’

There is something so refreshing about venturing over to and stumbling upon new music, originals, remixes, and sheer creativity from souls throughout the world.

Certainly, that sounded more poetic/dramatic than need be, but you get my point: Soundcloud is great. I’m always finding new music and interacting with some great folks who are passionate about what they do…

And in the midst of my usual browsing, I found some nu-disco bliss from Barcelona-based electronic music producer, Medsound. 

His latest original “Strangers” is sun-kissed disco infused with 80s synths. Does that make sense? It’s just feel-good music that is perfect for the ripples of summer.

Check it out:

Strangers (Original Mix)

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Certified Awesome | Oliver Heldens – ‘Heldeep Radio #007′

In my attempts to wind down from a great weekend, I stumbled across this heavy dosage of deep house & EDM from Oliver Heldens. 

Hailing from The Netherlands, Oliver Helden’s is a DJ with a wicked good podcast/mixtape series titled “Heldeep Radio.” And his latest mix, #007, is jam-packed with some infectious cut that will have you dancing like a maniac!

I must say, after listening to this mix I’ve got this strong urge to hit up a dancefloor in DC. It’s been awhile since I’ve been seen at 18th Street Lounge or U Hall, so I think next weekend I must support the local house scene.

But I digress. All I’m saying is this mix from Oliver Heldens is certified awesome and you really need to give it a listen…now!

Heldeep Radio #007

Here are some of the best tracks from the mix. The good stuff:

Twenty Feet Down – When You Need Me (Original Mix)

Sam Smith – Stay With Me (Throttle Remix)

Marshall Jefferson – Move Your Body (Tchami Tribute)



Linden Jay

Fresh Visuals | Linden Jay – ‘Be Like You’ (VIDEO)

Today’s set of fresh visuals come from London-based drummer/producer/remixer, Linden Jay.

Albeit this video came out last month, “Be Like You” is the perfect fusion of late-night R&B crooning infused with a housey vibe.

Check it out:

Be Like You


Certified Awesome | Michael Gray – Missing You

If you don’t know how Michael Gray is, then shame on you! Okay, it’s not that serious, but it kind of is. You see, in my eyes, ever since discovering his music back in the day on Myspace, Michael Gray is truly notable dude in the Dance Music scene.

Not only is he half of the incredible production duo, Full Intention, but Michael Gray has also made some buzz on his own. And the biggest highlight/track of his career is perhaps one we all should know, “The Weekend.”

The Weekend

He’s put out some great releases such as “Borderline” and “Somewhere Beyond,” but I’m certainly giving my full support to his latest track: “Missing You.”

It’s got a newer sound, but still has an edgy electro house vibe that makes it an iconic Michael Gray track.

Missing You

Analog Is On (FULL ALBUM)

Originally it was exclusively released in Japan. But I remember hearing some of the tracks on Myspace, especially “Asteroid.”


Disco Bliss | Merle – ‘Fannie Likes 2 Dance’

tumblr_mpp3qjptKJ1r712ajo1_500I’m wishing I would have browsed soundcloud first before heading to the gym, because this disco bliss I stumbled upon would have been perfect for my workout!

Needless to say, I did my thing at the gym, and now I’m chilled out searching soundcloud for some good digs. And in the midst of my search, I found this track that someone reposted.

Albeit it was uploaded a year ago and would be perfect for a #TBT post, this track by Merle titled “Fannie Likes 2 Dance” is too funky not to post ASAP!

Riddled with vocals fuming erotic breathing, and a sexy upbeat tempo, this is a disco slice of heaven!

Not sure what it’s all about, but I know one thing for sure that “fannie likes 2 dance.” And from the sounds of it, she could probably change your life. ;)

Check it out:

Fannie Likes 2 Dance


Fresh Visuals | TCTS x K. Stewart – ‘Games’ (VIDEO)

London-based house producer TCTS has released some fresh new visuals for his single “Games” featuring 19-year old singer, K. Stewart. 

Shot in the coolest city in the world, Tokyo, the visuals take us on a journey of fun times, hanging with the crew, crushing on a girl, and getting too drunk and in a fight.

Check it out:



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